Due to Father’s day I visited my parents this Sunday. And I sneaked my way up to the attic because I knew she had to be there somewhere. My mum could never get rid of her, clearly because she knew how important she was in my youth. Although I’m more into German engineering nowadays she was all I needed back then.

And god I had a lot of those 1/64 Matchboxes. But every single time I played with ‘m somehow I ended up with this one. I even remember the day I got it. It was the day I learned about the history of it’s creator, I think I was about 6, from my older brother. When I ended up with my dad in the local toy-store later that day to get a new toy all I could come up with was ‘Ferrari’.

And I can’t figure out how this one kept so relatively clean/nice as it’s mileage should be over a million as we speak. My second most favorite Matchbox from those days, a black 911 Turbo, didn’t keep it’s clean looks that long: I think I’ve even painted it at some point. My first custom. But not a good one because that one seems to have disappeared from the premises.

The fact the most manly man of the ‘80’s in one of my favorite TV-series ever drove one didn’t help either to put it aside. And many, many years later I’m still not capable of growing such an epic ‘baffi’, Italian for moustache. And for those familiar with the series: Wasn’t the licence plate of the 308 ‘Robin-1’???

But what to do with such a heroine of my youth? She clearly deserves a spot somewhere. But first I need to create a nice base for it. I’m thinking about something like these used in a Leica-shop to display cameras:

But maybe the red won’t ‘blend in’ right with that wood surface, not sure about that. Anyone any idea what wood these are?

So, this is the end of my small trip down to memory-lane. Hope you enjoyed it. Now I’m off creating that base. And maybe get TC’s ‘Island Hopper’ as well.