Skoda - one of the oldest car brands in the world, once highly regarded, then becoming a laughing stock - and now gaining a good reputation again.

The 120L definitely came from the laughing stock era - an outdated design, tarted up in a sort of 80s styling, with an asthmatic engine in the rear. The rear spoiler really didn’t help, it just seemed to add insult to injury. It wasn’t as if the Czech engineers couldn’t do better - they just weren’t allowed to under Communist rule.

Behind the iron curtain, they were one of the better cars available - but they were also widely exported - and sold on price rather than anything else.


But - there is one upside to it all - Skoda always managed to do rather well in Rally events - even with this old design. But maybe that isn’t so surprising if you consider that the car essentially started life as a copy of the 1960s Renault 8 - which also was the basis for the Alpine A110.

The model is a 1/72 scale Abrax.