This beauty is finished. Thanks again to dgt11 again for the supurb deal and the excellent shipping of the small parts. For those who didn’t see the sale post, I got this beast in pieces, albeit really well taken care of pieces.

I immediately disassembled the rest to see what needed done.

I figured out the old broken hinges would never work again, even though they were included. Where they were broken would not allow a strong enough attachment point to attach permanently. I grinded out the old hinges and made some new ones using some steel piping. I JB welded the new hinge extensions in place and blobbed some more JB weld on the end of the pipe for the ball hinge. Some sanding later and I had two new ball hinges that were aligned and functional!

Hinge extension in place

Next, I sanded off some extra glue from the wing base, and polished the paint in that area. Then painted the attached the wing. The wheel paint was also a bit off, so I stripped the paint of the rims and painted them matte Steel, instead of Aluminum. I like the warm color of them a touch more. After some light detailing of the interior, cage and attaching the mirrors, we get what you see here today. I’m so excited about this. Onto the Pictuuuuuuuuuureeeeeessssssss!

You can see one finished and painted new hinge here
“carbon fiber” lol

All photos taken with a galaxy S8. Thanks guys!