It’s about 10:30 PM here in Cali at the time of this writing, which means I’ve still got time to squeeze in today’s racecar. And it looks like I’ve just about exhausted all of the ones I have in 1/18, so here’s a reshoot of one of my favorites: the Harrods liveried McLaren F1 GTR, by TSM. Burn the old photos with fire, because those were garbage and, due to the overexposure, do not accurately present the car in its true colors.

I have to say I absolutely love this color scheme, way better than the Ueno in my opinion, which isn’t bad in itself. There are so many nice liveries for the F1, and I hope to one day acquire the FINA and the Marlboro ones (I do not condone smoking, btw) - the FINA might be my favorite of them all. Having had this model for a couple months now, I can honestly say this splurge was worth it. The little latch next to the left wing mirror got claimed by the household Swiffer, but it still looks amazing.


Now, I must get back to the photo booth and shoot tomorrow’s car, which I’m sure you’ll all love.