Today I have a very exciting casting for you. Perhaps the most exciting casting Matchbox has ever produced! May I present to you the...


...Rover Sterling.

Ok, so that whole “exciting casting” thing was a lie. I’m sorry. This is, in fact, probably one of Matchbox’s most boring licensed castings. So what am I doing with not one but two (actually three!) of the things?

Well, as you can see, one of them is a bit playworn. That version is actually the first die-cast I ever remember owning and/or playing with. Somehow it has stuck with me all these years and not been lost or completely destroyed. I somewhat recently picked up the other near-mint example with the idea of doing this photoshoot. There was definitely some nostalgia behind the purchase as well.

I think the version I originally had as a kid is a testament to ‘90s Matchbox. Even after the battering the car has taken, it’s still rock solid and the suspension works just as well as it does on the “better” one.

And the base is still perfectly legible.

A friend joined them several months ago as well. The silver and blue is nice, but I still much prefer the red and gray. May just be the tint on the nostalgia goggles though.