This is the fourth and final model of my European hawl. The Kyosho Bentley Mulsanne Speed. I’ve spent part of this week griping about resin models, now I get to gripe about models being expensive for no good reason. If this were a C d’M review, this model would get a 5 in the features department as is has just the basic working features you expect of a diecast. That would be fine for a $15 Maisto, or even a $80 Norev, but this thing is $250. Part of that is because it’s a dealer edition, but even the non-DE will run around $180 (no, I didn’t pay close to either of those numbers). Now, it was said in the past with the Minichamps Bentleys that the high cost was due to the license fee paid to Bentley, but that doesn’t explain the $40 Welly and Rastar Bentleys out there. And while $180 isn’t that crazy given where diecast prices are, the just about equally priced Kyosho Rolls Royce Ghost has a ton more working features. Anyway, lets end this rant while it’s still halfway coherent.

So, back to the model. As I alluded to above, it’s just your basic Kyosho model. It’s generally well done, but I’m not wowed by it the way I was with the Ghost. I will say the paint is exceptional and being of diecast, its heft imparts a (false) feel of quality that a composite AUTOart lacks. The wheels and brakes leave a little to be desired though; Minichamps did a far better job duplicating the dual paint and chrome finish of the wheels on their respective Bentley models. The interior is very nicely done, but again, it comes in 2nd to the Ghost. Now for all my griping about cost and lack of features, do I regret my purchase? Nope. Should you go out and get one too? Remember that Rastar I mentioned above?