Hnnnnnggghhh....... black beauty.......

I bought this black and gold beauty off a fellow collector who was getting rid of his surplus diecasts. It is an old Tomica model. Made in Japan, 1978. Scale is 1/59. It comes with John Player Special stickers! Kids be damned! Vintage Tomica at its best.

This Lotus 78 Ford was driven by Mario Andretti and Ronnie Peterson in the 1977 and 1978 season. Back then, it was normal to use the same car over two or more years. Just minor tweaks were made to differentiate it, but mostly the chassis’ remained similar to the original ones built the years past.

It is a very light (Tomica literally adhering to Colin Chapman’s famous ‘simplify then add lightness’ mantra!) toy, due to the very little metal used for the body and the plastic chassis.

Look at that Ford engine block. Not bad for 1/59 toy...

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