So I was chatting with fellow member Inliner about models with four opening doors, and remembered this one from my childhood collection - the Rolls-Royce Phantom V. Made by Dinky in 1/42 scale, this is one massive piece of diecast.

And yes, it is one of those models with opening everything. I had no background large enough to accommodate this beast, so the local park had to do. I really needs some sort of a castle as a background, but I’m on the wrong continent for one of these.

Dinky certainly were extremely proud of the many features of this model, but it also means that it must have been very expensive to produce. In fact, it started to lose quite a few of its features as time went along.

Mine is sort of an intermediate model. By the time I bought this one, the casting had already lost its wing mirrors and chromed wheels.


But all opening features were still there, as were the jewel head lights. Later on, the rear doors and trunk were cast shut, and jewel headlights went, and the model was painted in an inappropriate metallic blue. I’m glad I got in there when I did!

Here you can still imagine climbing into the sumptuous back seat and being chauffeured in comfort and style. And many famous people enjoyed just that, from Marshall Tito to John Lennon, anyone who was someone was seen in the backseat of these cars. Unless you preferred a Mercedes 600, of course.


But I did get a bit of a shock when I opened the trunk for the photo shoot - I don’t think I have looked in there for 20 odd years or more...

Oops - that’s not what you want to find! So which of my other models is missing its driver? I have no idea...

Better close that up and pretend it didn’t happen!