Today I thought I’d share a childhood favorite that I’m very happy I still have.

The title quote is from the great journalist Henry N. Manney III in the April 1964 issue of Road & Track magazine, referring to the Jaguar E-Types’ appeal to the fairer sex. That kind of line wouldn’t fly today, but it fits the car. A Mad Men kind of machine, for sure.

I got this in a little shop in Carmel on a trip with my family as a kid and have loved it and E-Types ever since. By modern standards these aren’t great models, but in the 80's this was up there. I think it stands up pretty well, and these were stout enough to survive being played with a bit, as my Bburago GTO has.

This E-Type has the registration JDU877E, that of the very well known Jaguar press car, which was featured in films and elsewhere. As far as I know it was never this color, but a yellowish beige. I used to work on a ‘64 roadster, they’re not exactly fun cars to wrench on, but they’re wonderful when they’re right and that XK engine pulls like a train. Enjoy!

Across the Channel to France tomorrow!