Instead of my usual non cohesive posts with some pictures thrown in I decided to do the whole LaLD concours review format this time around. This post marks a new milestone for me as it's the first time I've started exploring Adobe Photoshop beyond just contrast/brightness adjustments, so I do apologize for some of the overly edited pictures. It's safe to assume at this point that most of the cars I shoot are from the TFritch collection as is this example... I wish I was only so lucky to own so many 1:18's. To learn more about the 333 SP click away.

Model: Ferrari 333 SP

Brand: HotWheels Elite

Scale: 1:18

Accuracy: 7/10

The car that this model depicts is basically a non-liveried prototype so some liberties are taken as far as graphic accuracy. Sponsorship decals are accurate in as far as they were placed on some of the cars used in the various series these cars participated in. The paint is obviously a standard color offered as were the white OZ wheels. The wing is black or body color matched depending on what example you compare it to, the upright and wing element are black on this model. The interior cockpit is decently appointed, the dash having an array of tampo switches and gauges. The seat belts are molded into the bucket seat and seem slightly disproportional but are nonetheless detailed with color and the MOMO insignia. The engine compartment uses a handful of separate components to make up the engine which use a basic color scheme to differentiate each component, better then a one piece one color imposter but still underwhelming. Suspension is graphically represented but not a working replica of the original which was to me the biggest disappointment of the model. The front end is part of the casting and the air extractors are cast closed. Overall mostly accurate components, placement and graphic presentation.

Fit and Finish: 8/10

This is a solid model with a metal body and a plastic base with plastic details, in otherwords it feels like a large HotWheels diecast. The paintwork is excellent, graphics sharp. The wing, though less accurate, is sturdy as it is one piece plastic. There is a low component count on the total of this model so less things to break off if used other then a display piece. The outside mirrors are definitely the most fragile items on the model. The wheels feel solidly attached and barge boards are part of the plastic under body.

Features: 7/10

Being a track prototype there is very little to discriminate against in this category but I really had to knock the score down for the front end not being removable. Would it really have been too much to ask? Steering works, there is some suspension travel and wheels obviously roll. The rear bodywork is removable to reveal the air scoop, engine, suspension and exhaust.

Value: 8/10

This is no AutoArt, but it fills a niche between those two and a Maisto. Think of it as an overpriced Maisto that has a low production count and you could totally justify the additional expense. Besides it's a Ferrari and a prototype, I'd love to have one in my collection.

Rarity: 5/10

These seem pretty plentiful on the used market but they didn't make a gazillion of them either.

Total: 35/50 "C"