Welcome everyone, to the Live and Let Die-Cast Customs Review! This will be an ongoing series where we showcase the best customs our members have poured their creative juices into!

This can mean anything from a simple but often very effective wheel swap, to a full body modification involving rotary tools, epoxy, and sculpting putty.


I will try to make this a weekly thing, but since this is the first one, here are ALL the customs we have had on LaLDie-cast to date.

First up is Carnage717, by far our most active customizer. He has not only produced customs for himself such as these two redheads, but also for other LaLDie-cast members, his niece and nephew, but also a straight-up amazing Oppo themed Dairy Delivery!

Most impressive, though, I think, are his Ferrari and Smokey and the Bandit customs.

One of our newer customizers is mycarneverruns87, who is responsible for some very nice paint jobs and wheels swaps on various muscle cars.

This pic is definitely my favorite of all of them:

I have also done a few customs, both for myself and for other LaLDie-casters, and I was fortunate enough to have my BMW shown in Lamley Group's weekly customs post. I can definitely recommend sending your custom pics to lamleygroup@gmail.com so they can feature them. I think it would be amazing to see more LaLDie-cast customs there, and all are very deserving of a spot there.

My iPotato pics suck, but I am pretty proud of the results.

Lastly I want to showcase a first-time customizer, TheJWT, who got into customizing with a great three-way wheel swap . Next up, paint jobs?

I know Jeff Simmons has gotten into some repainting as well, and I'm sure there are more LaLDie-casters getting their paint on, so I'm excited for the future.

Keep the customs coming!!