A couple of weeks ago I shared a Micro Machines R5 Turbo Shopteacher sent me for a iHWEP. But next to that awesome MM he put some others in the box as well, all of Teutonic descent.

And that 911 Convertible is pretty well known/sold as it comes by here on LaLD fairly often. The last time I’ve seen it, in another color, was yesterday. It misses it’s rear seats and you can’t see a thing through that red window but hey: I don’t care! It’s my second MM Porsche and it isn’t as epic as that 928 Monster Truck but still: very recognizable as the best car in the world.

It’s just that I prefer my 911s without the wing but as this one clearly is a Turbo looking at those fenders I’ll allow it. The wheels are probably my favorite MM-wheels.

The 300SL Gullwing comes with a suprise. If you look behind that wheel you see... PULLBACK ACTION!!!! There’s another surprise though...

I blew the rear right tire with it’s last burnout. And anyone trying to replace such a tiny piece knows what hard a life I lead right now!

And the 6-series actually is a reminder for me: I still have to find a decent 1/43 on that one! It’s a great story (the E24 was at first based on the E12 but when the E12 was replaced by the E28 the E24 was given a huge redesign so it could be based on the E28. Yet it looked... The same!) and it’s even available in great racing liveries. This MM just comes with kinda boring wheels.

But that’s it for this week, again a short one. Still recovering a bit from an overload of food and wine, and little sleep. I hope you all have a great week of work and expect to see a lot of German awesomeness today. Tschüss!