Sometime last year, in Hong Kong, I came across this new brand of cars called Tiny. The cars themselves are all based off vehicles you would see in Hong Kong. They also had some dioramas of typical Hong Kong buildings and streets. The box the cars came in were similar to Tomicas and scale-wise, it looked like they were also aiming for 1/64. For about $10AUD each, I gave them a pass.

Now earlier this month I was transiting through Hong Kong airport and whilst at the newsagent picking up a novel, I saw a few and decided to pick two up. Selection was limited at the newsagent so grabbed the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Hong Kong Observatory van and the Toyota Hiace St. John’s Ambulance. As I said before, these are based off real vehicles in Hong Kong hence the detailed decals.

In terms of quality, I would say it’s on par or better with Tomicas but not TLV level. They have suspension thing going on too as well as opening doors and flippable antenna on the Merc. And at least they vary the wheels a bit, unlike the mainline Tomicas


Overall I think they’re quite decent and may give Tomica a bit of a run for its money but it’s location-specific vehicles means its selection is limited at present.