The latest batch of TLV is finally out, and has been on my want list ever since I saw the preliminary moldings of the 2017 GTRs. Although the design of the car is quite debatable with views being polar opposites, I for one, love it.

Though the R33 still has my heart, I can’t help but collect as many R35s as I can (though definitely not on the scale of Androoo and his rather impressive collection)

Tomica Limited Vintage has faithfully represented the casting quite well. In fact, so well that I am ridding myself of a few 1:18s just so I can fund for more TLVs in the upcoming months. Yes.. you heard that right. I’m selling a few 1:18s from my collection so if you want to see what I have in stock on eBay (which at the time of the writing, is only three) be sure to check out:

Howard’s eBay Page :)

Back to the GTRs....