Today’s smorgasbord of off brands, on brands, and just stuff I found. Please feel free to correct me on any erroneous information I may have posted.
Group Shot:

Broken down into smaller crowds...

Ford XR4i, possibly a Welley, United Airlines livery Audi Quattro possibly a Motormax, Zylmex BMW 3.0 csi(?), Matchbox Fiat Abarth, and what might be a Summer US Army 6x6.

This one’s much easier, all HWs: Datsun 200 SX (Mattel, if you’re going to have an opening hood, have it OPEN! Not 1/8" either...), 1977 Police Car, HWs Scorchers El Camino, Getty Fairlady with opening doors, Baja Breaker with opening hood ( I never knew this was a thing. I was so busy checking out the hood that I didn’t notice the chunk of windshield that’s missing. They had another one, so I may go back tomorrow and get it. If not, I have another Breaker that can give up it’s glass...), and a Jeep CJ-7 rounds out the crowd.

Summer #8002 “Race Car,” original name guys..., Jaguar XJS, which I’m pretty sure is a Yatming, based on the wheels and opening doors, Yatming Nissan Fairlady, Yatming Mercedes Benz SL500, Kidco Trans Am with opening hood and peeling hood screaming chicken sticker, and Summer 89-27 Ford GT clone.

That’s it for today, no more posts...