Thursday is here, which means I have an excuse to show the rest of my Tomica Limiteds. Today’s post features the non-Nissan TL’s, and I think there’s a few that you guys have been wanting to see.

It’s really a shame that Tomica decided to stop making TL’s. I really liked the casting choices in this line and the details are really good if you’re willing to soak up the high price tag. The current Tomica Premium line is more or less the successor to TL. However, it uses new castings that aren’t in the Regular line.


Unfortunately, Tomica decided that it would make these new castings just as crude and unrefined as those of regular Tomica, with very little detail in the casts, and it really hurts the look of a lot of the new Tomica Premiums. I do not like the wheels at all, and the tires are no longer rubber, I believe. I have yet to purchase a Premium because I am simply not impressed. That and I couldn’t find the Nismo Z-Tune. I had to pass on the RC-F GT500 because it looked terribly plain and boring, plus that rear wing is horribly done. I know a lot of folks got really excited over the Volkswagen releases in the Premium line, but to me they’re way inferior to the VW buses that are released by Greenlight. Not to mention the Premium costs more.

I’m just glad to have been into diecast collecting while TL’s were still being produced. Some of these are truly fantastic. Let’s go ahead and show them...

Some of you were waiting to see the LF-A. Here it is. The LF-A was never released by Tomica except in this 5-car box set, featuring this orange Nurburgring Edition and four other “normal” versions. The box set also includes a replica of the LF-A’s car key, which I couldn’t care less about.

I love this ‘Ring Edition LF-A. It has the small details that differentiate it from a normal LF-A such as the front and rear spoilers and the wheels. The rear spoiler is also printed with a carbon fiber pattern, same as it was on the GT-R SpecV I showed last time. I wish we could’ve gotten some plastic headlights here, but the printed is done neatly.

The rear is very detailed as well. Painting in the exhaust is a big bonus. Sorry about the blurry photo above. I couldn’t tell it was this blurry until I blew up the photo on my computer.

The others...

Next we have a few Subaru’s. This is one of my favorite TL’s ever: the WRX STi hatchback.

The wheels on this one are great. It’s the perfect color combination. World Rally Blue with Gold BBS wheels. The Regular Tomica version of this is the first Tomica I bought, and I’ve been impressed since. This casting is just spot-on with its proportions and this TL goes over the top with its added details.

The hood opens up on this one to show some extra detail, though it’s nothing fancy like you would see on an M2 or Auto World. The rear detailing is especially impressive.

Next is its 4-door brother.

This one is a mixed bag. First of all, the casting is rather tiny. Second, those wheels...

It’s not that the wheels aren’t wide enough; it’s that the axles aren’t long enough. If this had a more proper “stance”, it would look far more aggressive and sporty. It’s just too bad because the details here are on par with the hatchback.

Subaru Legacy B4 Unmarked Patrol car. I believe that’s what it’s called. I like this release a lot as well. For those of you without one, it’s worth getting the Regular Tomica version of this. And then get that dealer exclusive Legacy to pair with it.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. I love Evo’s just as I do STi’s, so this one was a no-brainer to pick up. This one is part of a 2-car set with the Fire Department Evo X shown further below. I believe it is also the last 2-car set by TL before the line was officially retired.

I really need to work on getting my photos straight. This Evo X is based off the Malaysian Police Evo X. The livery is very well done and it even has the eye-lash-like detail on the headlights.

This red one has a British Fire Department livery (I think, feel free to correct me) though I haven’t seen an actual image of a matching 1:1.

And then we have the Honda NSX Type-R. The white wheels are excellent, with the red Honda logo in the center. I don’t like the ride height on the rear, but that’s a common theme with TL.

TL attempted to print some engine details in the back. Can’t say I like it though, as it’s printed on a flat surface, thus lacking depth. I guess it doesn’t hurt either. Also like the red seats.

Toyota Crown patrol car. Great details all around. This casting is huge though.

Finally, the last. It’s a non-Japanese and it’s the Bentley Continental GT.

Don’t really have much to say about this one as it’s not a car I’m really interested in.

Well, that concludes my Tomica Limited feature. Hopefully you guys found something neat in here and hopefully these last 2 posts generated some interest in this line. Perhaps we can convince Tomica to bring TL back!