Here is my second Tomica review, a 1:67 scale. I received this guy in my first HWEP trade, from TE71Xin.

Let me tell you my idea of the perfect car. It's has to be a manual, sedan, and awd. It has to look awesome, something that I wouldn't mind being seen in. Even better if it has rally heritage. Funnily enough, the Subaru Impreza WRX STI hits all those notes. So before we even begin, this diecast has a lot to live up to. So, does it look like the car......yes it does....

Front profile. The Impreza has had many different faces over the years. I believe this one to be a '10. The silver headlights is an odd touch, admittedly, but it was a wiser choice than using yellow for it. I love the front spoiler, and the placeholders for the fog lights. FYI, I love fog lights.

Front top view. You may of noticed the hood scoop. On most cars, its either too small or too large, and distracts from the rest of the car, making it look awkward. The Impreza's hood scoop, I have always thought was perfect. Just the right size so it isn't overwhelming, but enough to make it look aggressive. This diecast shows that perfectly, it just blends in with the rest of the body.

Side view. I love how this looks, how the body just flows with all its curves. And I am digging the livery on it. Personally all Impreza's look great, even fantastic, in blue. And with the added silver on the back half, it just brings the car to life. The wheels are sort of generic though, pieces of plastic, but hear me out. Despite looking a bit bland, they do blend in with the car quite well. Especially since older Impreza's use to have gold rims on them.

Rear view: So good looking. I love how the silver paint accents the rear, and how it's in three different colors; black, silver, and blue. If you look closely at the bottom of the black part, you'll see four exhausts. That's a nice touch. Plus, I love the big spoiler in the back.

Bottom view. As you can see, the tires are pretty fat. I'm ok with it though. The car has the most bouncy suspension out of the traded cars. And when you're playing with it, the body roll is fantastic. I pretend I'm racing and going around a sharp turn.

Top view. It looks great, doesn't it? On the top of the car, there is a white spot. The car actually fell off where I had it displayed (I blame the circular wheels), and this is the result. Regardless, the body lines are very smooth and flows with the rest of the car.

If you haven't noticed, this car is VERY photogenic. It looks great at every angle. Don't believe me? Take a look!

I am VERY happy with this Tomica car. It's amazingly epic and everyone should get one. Except this one, this one is mine, :). But I do highly recommend it. Two out of three Tomica cars reviewed, hooray!