I must extend my gratitude to the infinitely wise Fintail. I had been looking for a diecast version of my first car for a long time and he pointed out that Tomica makes ‘em. Plus, they are readily available on eBay. Mega search fail on my behalf.

I hunted one down for a reasonable price and patiently waited for the tiny box to head over to America from Japan. I am quite happy to have it! Although it’s not an exact copy of my 1:1... Close enough!

Here is the lone blurry photograph I have of my first car. I loved it so much. I turned heads back in 1994 and got a lot of attention. It was bright yellow ‘76 sedan (didn’t see any yellow sedans from Tomica). It was horrible in the snow and got absurdly hot in the summer. But, it looked great! Sadly, the brake lines would rupture every couple of months and my father was getting sick of fixing it. It was retired to the back yard in favor of a ‘82 Cressida. Which earned the reputation of being the most hated car I ever drove. I have a lot of fond memories in my old Corona. Having a diecast version on my desk brings all those great memories back!