I recently acquired these 2 Tomicas through eBay for a good price. I had these exact same ones when I was a little boy growing up in the 80’s so picking these up had a nostalgic feel to them. Anyway, these 2 are still in quite good condition, but I don’t know if they were reissues or originals but these have that old Tomica build quality - Made in Japan, opening doors, solid body and base, suspensions.

The green Citroen is 1/66 and the Jaguar XJ-S is 1/67, so not quite 1/64. Not quite sure what to make of the red interior but the detailing is great. I have always associated the Citroen with being an old person’s car but maybe because an old bloke used to live a few houses down and he drove a Citroen. Looking back, he probably wasn’t that old, but as a little kid, what did I know.

I’ll leave with these few photos, and there will be no more posts from me for a while as I’m off to the Land of the Rising Sun. Kenmeri may still post now and then though so be on the look out.