This has to be probably my most favorite HAWL yet. It’s got a little bit of everything! Today was Charlestown New Hampshire’s town wide yard sale. The cat shelter I volunteer at participates in the yard sale so I helped set up this morning and then my wife and I headed out around the town to see what treasures we could find. I was coming up empty until later in the afternoon I stumbled upon a wooden box with about 50 different cars. Lots of them heavily abused Lesney era wrecks. But, I did find these 9 gems and she only wanted a buck a piece. Sweet price for some sweet cars.

This suspension on this Redline London Cab is absolutely SHOT. But a cool find. It was the only redline she had in the box.
I would break my own leg for a ride in this kickass Tomica Toyota Ambulance.
Yay! Doors are intact.
Rather playworn but still cool Tomica Merc.
Transitional Superfast Rolls Royce.
You know my motto... let’s say it together kids! NO ISUZU LEFT BEHIND!
Too awesome... couldn’t pass this up.
I love me some Hotwheels Omni!
Nissan Cedric Wagon Fire dept Edition by Tomica. Remarkably with all sirens and whatnot intact. Sweeeeeet.
Groceries and fire extinguishers go here.
Lancia Flavia Zagato Sport by Penny/Polistil. Absolutely EPIC. I love crazy obscure cars and this one is probably tops the list of most Obscure diecast cars I have ever found.
Cast-In Steering wheel!

As you can imagine, the Lancia is my absolute fav. I go absolutely nuts for weird cars like this and this ranks pretty high up there on the obscure-o-meter. I had never heard of this Lancia until finding this cast <3.


The rest of the trip was diecast car dry. I wont complain. I found a decent military ammo box that I am going to use in my 1:1 Jeep that I just bought. Also, found a nice stash of original NES games that will flip on eBay nicely to help our ailing bank account (because of the Jeep purchase).

Overall, a great day out hunting for cool cars. Hope you all are having a great weekend. Thanks for keeping LaLD awesome. :)