I came home to a mail delivery yesterday, all the way from Japan. It was a small selection of Toyota 2000gt and Datsun 260z. I almost forgot that I won these off eBay earlier this month. I was quite excited so decided do some quick shots of the 2000gt - Datsuns to come later.

There are 2 brands here - F-Toys and Konami. These appear to come from those mystery boxes that Japanese collectors are so fond off. Quality wise, they’re not as detailed or robust as Tomicas but good enough for the few dollars I got them for. The F-Toy versions even have an opening bonnet but it’s quite hard to open so I didn’t bother it also has attachable side mirrors. They’re lighter and feel very plastic compared to the Konami ones though.

Although 1/64, they’re smaller than the Hot Wheels version, which I suspect may not be that accurate. I will have to do a comparison shot of these, along with the HWs and Tomica Limited one soon.

Anyway, enjoy these iPhonetography shots and keep an eye out for future posts of the Datsuns in the background.