Hi everybody!

Today is Tuesday and for you today I have some tractors. The blue one is made by Play Art and it is a Zetor Tractor. The red one is made by Majorette and not sure what tractor it is, all it said was that it was a tractor. zeontestpilot, it also had a scale on the bottom witch stated it as 1:65 :( sorry dude.

Back to the Zetor. From my research it would be one of the Unified Range 2 also known as Zetor Crystal tractors made from 1968 till 1989. This is an educated guess based on when I got the toy. I think it is the Zetor UR2 10011 because of this picture:

Here are the sites I used to find what tractor I have:

and: http://www.zetorworld.com/history_R2.htm…

For some reason it seems like farmers do not care about wheel base of their tractors. Every spec sheet I found did not state any wheel base. The closest I have seen was info for track width in the above link. I do know tire and rim size so with that information I will find the scale for zeontestpilot . Not sure how accurate it will be though.... The rear tire size is 16.9-34 as given by: http://www.tractorspecs.com/specs/Zetor/10… . 34 is the rim size in inches as stated by:

My sliding caliper says that the rim of the Play Art Zetor is 15.01 mm... that makes it


15.01*64= 960.64mm in real size. 34 inch in mm is 863.6 ... so looks like the Play Art is also not the right scale...

Here are the pictures: