So I built a track, cleaned the track with scotchbrite, then used rubbing alcohol to wipe away any debris. But I wasn’t sure if the trains were operational, so I got creative.

I have like 5 controllers (to control the speed of the train), so I took a extra one, attached wires with stripped ends, and jammed it onto the train wheels, and most of the trains work! Only one doesn’t work at all, and most of the others don’t like to run on the track. But still, it’s progress.


Talking to my n scale collecting coworker earlier brought up some interesting points, like keeping in mind where the + and - is, and not making a loop (without a insulator) to short it out. For the past couple of days I’ve been drawing out what I want the track to be like, so I’m trying to figure that out still.

In all honesty, this might override my diorama, because I’ve always loved the miniature trains but never had the funds to pursue it. So this is a true come true for me, :).