The little yellow TB has made it to the epicenter of Car Week here in California. I made sure it met all it's heroes.

It insisted on seeing the Pacific Ocean again, so we did that first at Asilomar Beach.

Dune buggy runs in his blood, err... oil.

The we were off to the Legends of the Autobahn show, featuring famed German manufacturers BMW, Mercedes, and Audi.

We checked out a BMW 850ci first, but the Torchbug was more excited to show me how his people do a 12 cylinder engine...

He explained that a W configuration allows for the same number of cylinders in a more compact package . Sounds like he was drinking the VW Koolaid, but I'm a big fan on weird engines too.

He wouldn't stop saying "I'm Batman!" after checking out this 3.0 CSL.

We checked out the latest Michelin had to offer, but he wanted something a little more knobby for the dunes.

Another Bimmer V12 caught our interest.

The Torchbug was blessed by another patron saint yesterday, this time by collector car guru Keith Martin! Mr. Martin was the MC of the event and was kind enough to take some time to let me take a picture of him with the TB. Lots of thanks to Keith!

We said hello to one of the four Gullwings on display

Across the way was another German hero, the BMW M1.

Then it wanted to check out BMW's new i8. Some of his uncles had converted to an electric drivetrain so he wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

After sitting in the driver's seat, the Torchbug approved.

This was a BMW 700rs, one of two and the only one not owned by BMW. The Torchbug said a quick hello.

A few hours went by, making sure it saw every car on the concours lot, the corral lot, and the nearby parking lot, it was time to go visit the Torchbug's cousins, the Porsches.

At the first annual Werks Reunion, there were hundreds of Porsches on a golf course in the Carmel Valley.

It said hello to a legendary 906 first. He and I both have a thing for Gullwing doors.

He met another hero of his, the V10 Carrera GT!

He found an empty spot and refused to move even though I tried to tell him that 911's weren't just fancy Beetles.

We were on our way out, he spotted one more hero he just had to say hi to...

A Porsche 959!

Back in Pacific Grove, there was a small rally going on down town, so we went to check it out.

Another Porsche! The classic 356 Speedster.

Oh hey, one of his converted uncles!

Well that was fun, definitely excited about the main event tomorrow in Pebble Beach!

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