I took a trip back home to southern California last week with the family. While out there I made a stop at the mattel store and a couple flea markets. Also I was able to get a couple more of my hot wheels collection from my parents house.

I got these awesome 993 GT2s at the Mattel store
I couldn’t pass up this 2000 GT and I wish I wouldn’t grabbed a couple more of the haulers because they are sweet looking.
These pop cultures were only $2.29 so I grabbed some for wheel swaps.
These were some of the cars I found in my old room. The camaros are matchbox, the one on the right has some awesome detail and will be In line for a wheel swap In the future. The hot rod in the end will be a future custom as well.
I finally got my hands on this blue AW GT40 from the bay. It was a very reasonable price $8 shipped.
Got this beauty at a flea market. Paid $2 for it, not sure if I want to leave it alone or paint it to match the 1:1. Little did I know that I was going to see the real thing a few days later at the Peterson Auto Museum.
My younger brother was getting rid of his Corvette collection so I took it off his hands for him.
Just a photo of all my customs and wheel swaps I’ve done since joining.
Bare carbon fiber McLaren P1
2017 Ford GT
1967 Ford GT40 Mk III
1959 corvette Stingray racer
Finally got to see a McLaren F1 in person, my all-time favorite car. Now if I can only find a McLaren F1 hotwheel for a reasonable price I’d be set, I just can’t justify the insane prices.
BMW CSL art car.

Sorry for all the pictures. Thanks for checking out my crazy long post.