I’ve done Teutonic trucks before, the Hanomag Kurier and the Goggomobil TS250. This one however is somewhat more obscure. Because this Kleintransporter is from the DDR. Or GDR in English. In other words: East Germany.

Because this is a Barkas B1000, built from 1961 to 1991. And yes: It had a two-stroke engine. Of course. That “1000” was supposed to tell us all about it’s payload (one metric ton). Not it’s engine displacement (1000cm³). As at first it came with a 900cm³.

Developing the car and production-facilities took quite a while. Development started in 1951 and the first running panel van was built in 1956. Production however started only in 1961.

And at first the B1000 was quite capable. It could easily keep up with western Kleintransporter as the VW Type 2, Ford Transit, DKW-Schnellaster, Tempo Wiking and the Renault Estafette. But Barkas/DDR forgot to keep developing and eventually it got outdated. Totally. WiP-shot:

It’s separate frame construction was actually a redesigned Barkas V901/2 frame. By using a separate frame multiple utilitarian solutions were possible. A (panel-) van, truck, even the eastern German Fire department used these. And repairs when damaged were quite easily. The engine was a 46hp Wartburg two-stroke 3-cylinder. It was mounted up-front, between the seats and direct it’s power to the front wheels. It was capable of 100 km/h and wasn’t exactly economic when one looks at it’s displacement and weight: 12 l/100 km!

The last “colvulsion” of the B1000 was the B1000-1. For this one Barkas got, as Wartburg did, a license to build and mount 1300cm³ VW-engines. It wasn’t a success. After over 170,000 B1000’s and 1900 B1000-1’s Barkas stopped. It was planned to take all production facilities to Russia but after all was packed and ready for transportation there was no one able to pay for the transportation. Treuhand (the organization privatizing DDR-properties) decided to have it all scrapped...

I always loved it’s friendly “face”. And after this truck I want a panel van as well. The model it self is a cheap “Magazine Models” 1/43. You probably will get it new for about 5 euros. Too bad the bed doesn’t open, I actually never tried to take of the tent come to think of it?

And guess who decided to show up? That other two-stroke Kommi I showed before, the Melkus. Finally with a driver behind it’s wheel. Karl-Heinz.

And no: No Photoshop. Just a figurine of Brumm. Complete with helmet:

It barely fits though as the Melkus is soooo low...

Hals- und Beinbruch Ihr alle, das war es wieder. Bis nächste Woche für wieder ein Deutschland Dienstag. Ohne Kommis.