I had a productive “Motor Swap Monday”. I think it’s time to invest in needle files.

After careful measuring I ended up with four randomly placed dots on the hood/bonnet.

The bottom right dot is the only one I trust (Darn alcohol). Still a lot of trimming on both pieces there. I got a few new cars from Target yesterday.

I’ve been looking for a delivery van.

That looks SOOOO much better.

The Acura looks as boring as I had hoped for lol. I accidentally got paint stripper on the back window. I saw one at Target yesterday, might have to go back today.

It’ll get details, but no rush now that I need new glass.

I was a little sloppy with the gold paint on K3-PO’s wheels last night, but check out how long that silly VW is. Front seam of back door is filled, roof is fixed.

I’ll be fixing those wheels today. Enjoy your Tuesday.