Alright! Hope you guys are having an awesome Tuesday! Just got out a few cars and few of my customs for a photoshoot. One of ‘em is the Ford Raptor 6x6 which is one of my coolest customs yet with suspension and the other is my first custom that I ever made (yes when I had just started out!) This was THE first yo! It was basically a restomod project and one of the only few surviving toys I have with me of my childhood. It actually used to belong to my younger brother who after playing and wearing it out completely lost interest in it and It got a place in my diecast collection.

It is a ‘87 Nissan Hardbody 4x4 Truck made by hot wheels and originally used to look something like this

Image courtesy: Steven Leary at

Well obviously it was like that before being “abused” by my brother :D, the axles were bent in every direction possible, the wheels were destroyed, paint scratched dirt in the interiors etc. So after many years of seeing it in pain, I decided to overhaul it and bring it back to life.

So the paint was stripped to unleash the zamac within, base was slightly modified, wheelswap, a blown V8 engine from a Ford F100, detailed and decaled. The look for this truck was directly inspired by the P51 Mustang warplane (one of my absolute favorites). That’s the reason ( for the keen eyed readers here) it’s got Exhaust pipes sticking outta the front Left and Right fenders like the way they do on the mustang ;). Oh and if you’re wondering about the kanji characters on the rear that’s “Nissan” in Japanese :)

Ok Next the Raptor 6x6! This was my first mod with actual Working Suspension. You all have already seen the video of this truck in action. I now have finally completed it. This raptor originally is the one that comes in the Snow Stormers pack. It’s renamed the sandblaster by hot wheels. When i first saw it i was like “Meh” that is until I sawed of the rear quarter panels of the truck and I there I had a revelation! I had found a perfect base for a 6x6 conversion! So I went on about it by building a custom chassis complete with an extra axle and my custom cable tie based suspension system, built a custom underbody subframe, detailed it, spare wheel added, fitted with a scratch built snorkel and the front light bar off a matchbox Dakar race truck looking model whose name I cannot recall at the moment :P well there you go guys! 6x6 off-road truck sorted! (Also that’s a lot of typing :P)

Thanks a lot for reading! Cheers!