The McLaren F1. Something just about everyone who knows anything about cars can get behind and lust after. I’ve always been apprehensive about finding “the one” that I would first get a 1:18 of and it’s been either this Ueno Clinic LeMans winner or the epically gorgeous Gulf Longtail.

Well of course one day I was perusing modelcitizendiecast and saw this TSM in 1:18. My interest was piqued. Then about a day later jedimario had picked one up from Mr modelcitizendiecast as well and showed off some epic features. Then philipilihp informed me he was also picking one up. This was pretty much all I needed to know that this model was worth it. As if that wasn’t enough, ziggurat stardust had to show off some gorgeous photos of his F1 LM (also from model citizen... sensing a trend here). So I think it was meant to be for me to nab this model.

Holy crap is it worth it. I’m going to leave you with a massive photo dump. We will all see philipilihp’s post soon to give us a coup de grace if you will on a truly great model from TSM.

Now let’s dim the lights and get intimate with this gorgeous McLaren F1...

Man this car is amazing.

Oh and in case you missed it, it has struts... not pressurized, but mechanically similar. Never seen that before on a model.

I need a cigarette...