At last, I have the Bayside Blue R34 that Jobjoris has been clamoring for me to get.

What took so long? Well, the most logical option would’ve been a stock V-Spec II in the so-called “best color” for the most popular Skyline ever. But I have my heart set on one of those in Midnight Purple aka. best color ever, so that was a no-no.


Then there’s the Z-Tune. Oh, wait. Rule #1: don’t buy two of the same model. I already have it in the magnificent Millennium Jade. There goes that...

There was only one choice left, and it was to hunt down of these rare beasts, called the NISMO Sports Resetting. First of all, that phrase makes no sense whatsoever. I’d never heard of this version of the R34 before, but it looked majestic. It was in the color I needed and as a bonus, had those gold wheels to set off the look. You know I’m always down for some goooooooooold.

A couple weeks ago, this popped up on the ‘Bay. Starting bid: $150. Shipping: $28. That was my opportunity, and with no other bidders, I didn’t miss. Brand new, inner foam package still sealed. As the saying goes, “overnighted from Japan”. Almost. Let’s just say it got here very quickly. Faster than my order from Replicarz. Faster than the order I placed two weeks ago from American Excellence. You will get a teaser of those megahawls when they arrive tomorrow.


Today, let’s just focus on this beauty. This is AUTOart’s 1/18 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) NISMO Sports Resetting.

Between this and the Z-Tune, I’ve noticed that AUTOart has had trouble with the quality on their R34 models. There’s an inconsistency of ride height at all four corners of the car, something which we normally attribute to 1/64's by Greenlight and M2. Which is why you’re not getting any straight-on frontal or rear shots of this model. Sorry.

A little paint rash on the hood and a creaky steering system mar what would otherwise be a spectacular model. Still though, isn’t it lovely?

To me, this looks to be a recolor of the S-Tune, except it’s out of production and is rarer. What gives? I don’t know. Other than a few printed decals saying “Sports Resetting”, I can’t spot any other differences between this and the S-Tune. But hey, at least the blue is better. Right?

You tell me. Bayside Blue or Millennium Jade?