We had very special visit this week from the great, crazy people of the Pub2Pub Expedition, driving their TVR Chimaera from Svalbard, Norway to Ushuaia, Argentina. An odd drive, right? There’s a very good reason for it, and that’s the northernmost and southernmost pubs in the world! My kind of drive, then...

I like this one

Jobjoris tipped me off to the trip, as he attended their continental kickoff in Holland! They stopped into my shop last Friday evening for a visit and impromptu meetup, and were in town for a few days while their Dodge Charger Hemi support car has some repairs done locally. Wonderful people on a grand adventure, it was great to spend time with them and lay eyes on my first TVR. Incredibly, Kermit has been rock solid thus far! They fitted new rear shocks while here, but it’s needed no other repairs. Of course, I came prepared on behalf of LALD...

The chase beast, which kept dying at stops due to a faulty TCM

Kermit before and after his first bath in 10,000kms, I have dirt and bugs from Norway in my drain!

Our own CaptDale even got to drive the car, he’s totally smitten!

They can be found on the usual social media platforms, I only do Instagram where they can be found at #Pub2PubExpedition. This isn’t the first or last crazy expedition for them. Big thanks to the whole crew for making the time for us!