This is Otto’s new release for February and one that I have been eagerly anticipating ever since its announcement. I know it’s not immediately obvious, but JDM (particularly classic JDM) has been rather well-received by diecast collectors, and Otto/GT Spirit has taken notice. Not only do we get this Mk.III Supra, remember that they also have the Integra Type-R scheduled for next month. And I saw somewhere on the internet that the S14 Silvia is also getting a release later this year.

Gimme gimme.

While the fourth-gen Supra gets all the shine, thanks in no part to Fast & Furious, the third-gen is equally as attractive in my opinion. The simplistic and boxy design is reminiscent of other Japanese sports cars of this era. Think FC3S RX-7 and 180/240SX. They can look a little boring in stock form but can be transformed into show-stoppers with the right modifications. The Mk.III is one of those cars I wouldn’t mind as a cheap “project” car. Give it the right bodykit, stance, and wheels (preferably gold) and you’re gonna get fanboys flocking to your ride.

Otto gets a thumbs-up from me once again. This isn’t a particularly fancy car, and black paint can hide some flaws, but the model is overall very well done. I had to shell out about $110 for it (for the record, Otto charges 40 Euros alone for shipping, and 15 for each additional model), so it wasn’t cheap. But due to the nature and type of car that this is, I wasn’t going to risk a potential Focus RS-esque situation and wait around for a steal because it might never happen. Therefore, I ended up pre-ordering this beast on the very last day. Which reminds me, I still need to pencil in my name for April’s E36 and ‘Teggy.

I’m not well-versed in the specifications of the Mk.III, but this one wears the sportier five-spoke wheels, which look great in the gunmetal shade. I would assume because this is the Twin Turbo but like I said, I know nothing. I just love the way the car looks. Obviously, no pop-up headlights here as this is a resin model. I’m a fan of this color combo in general, though it would’ve been perfect in white. But black allows me to pull off a perfect duo...

Comparing apples to oranges is not fair, but the Otto is a far superior model than the fifteen (?) year-old Kyosho.