I think this was the last HW Elky casting that I didn’t have, and just snagged it the other day, along with yesterday’s Olds 442.

The Pop Culture stuff can be very hit or miss as far as whether I actually want to spend money on it. Sometimes, the model choice, subject, and execution all come together very well for an excellent car, like the Star Trek 50th Sulu Chevelle. Other times, it’s a bit more of a mixed bag, particularly with the comics properties.

In what I assume is an effort to be retro, it seems like Mattel often picks older artwork that is, in my own opinion, not always the greatest, and sometimes downright ugly. I am not saying that old comic artwork can’t be great - which is why I find some of the artwork choices downright mystifying. Sometimes, I think that the line art just doesn’t lend itself to scaling down to the tiny proportions necessary for fitting on the side of a 3" car.

All that to say that while I am a comics fan, particularly Marvel, I only have a handful of Pop Culture comics cars, and I probably would have passed this one up if it weren’t an El Camino.

Not that the artwork is particularly bad, it’s okay, but I’m not hugely invested in Iron Fist (that may change once the Netflix show comes out). However, I think it actually works pretty well on this car.

The metalflake purple is absolutely amazing, and the overall color scheme is pretty good in an appropriately 80's sort of way. I’m assuming the flame stuff on the hood is chi, which is pretty cool and funky.

So yeah, I have slightly mixed feelings about this car. Would I love to see it with a cleaner deco? Absolutely, and if it weren’t the notoriously difficult to remove Pop Culture tampos, I’d probably give it a go (I still might, if I can find another one). But, I do like it as it is, and I’m glad I found it.

Thanks for looking!