On a mostly stay-cation this week, hit a few stores (ok, a lot) and finally had luck finding q-case material, and a bunch of other stuff from the want list. To top it off, spent the weekend in Atlantic City while the girlie ran a 5k on the boardwalk, and noticed a TRU outlet across the street from the hotel...score! They didn’t have much, but scored a few matchbox items I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow, but definitely looking forward to the last couple weeks of ebay hawls waiting for me on my desk...pics to come :D

Nice to pretty much kill the want list in one week...and was really surprised to find the James Bond set (which I didnt even know about) in a walmart dump bin unmolested. A number of the other MBs in here came from dollar stores, which have treated me very well recently...check yours!