Here is my latest 1:64 scale video review of this Shelby Collectibles piece. To be honest I think this video may spark a bit of a debate and I have actually been pretty hesitant to post it up on my channel or here, it has been filmed for a while now but I feel it is also important for people to see what they are buying especially in a 1:64 scale piece that is in the $6.00 range.

Disclaimer: This is only my opinion on the subject and there is absolutely no right or wrong answer here. The crux of the issue to me is opening features on 1:64 scale cars. I have seen some done pretty good and I have seen most done pretty bad. This model happens to fall into the bad, the really bad. There was actually one loose sitting on the shelf at ToysRUs, (Imagine that one), and it was even worse than this example!

I personally could really care less about these opening features on 1:64 and to be honest I wish they did not exist. You can have a beautiful model like this and it is just ruined by the “gimmick”. Nothing aggravates me more than getting your new car home and prior to cracking, it looks great on the displayed side only to have the opening door on the undisplayed side that looks like it was hit by a Mack truck after the passenger got out and forgot to close the door or having shut lines the size of the Grand Canyon, lol.


I will say on a positive note I do get some of these models and they do mold the shut lines just fine/acceptable, problem is you can’t always count on it being that way.

Maybe this can be a new pole Zeontestpilot????????