Well, so my birthday came and went last Sunday, and I decided to treat myself to a birthday haul. Part of that haul included this,

The Cockney Cab II by hot wheels and I love it. It’s a London cab, a suped up one, but a London cab nonetheless.

Initially I wasn’t too keen on the bright blue colour scheme for it, I would’ve like to see hot wheels play it totally straight and make it solid black, but given the pipes spilling out from the rear, I’ll let it slide.

The body is made entirely of plastic with a metal base, which I’m not exactly a fan of, the model feels pretty cheap. I have to say I’m not a fan of the chromed windows either, it’s flashy which goes with the theme, but scratches kinda easily and shows up in photos pretty poorly.

Overall, it feels great taking another active step in building my taxi collection, just not in a way I would have initially imagined when I started out with two Toyota crowns.