This is the one and only Siku I own. It's from my childhood collection, and to be honest I have no idea how I ended up with a Siku in the US. I assume it must have come from a little independent toy store. There were a few of those in the general area that we used to go to occasionally. As you can see, I beat the ever-loving snot out of this big guy. It spent a lot of time outside in the dirt, and yet it still rolls perfectly, and the suspension is still nice and bouncy. Childhood me loved a diecast with a good suspension more than anything.

The wheels always reminded me of the white steel wagon wheels on my dad's '79 Chevy K10 pickup.

The lack of rear seats and truck bed like floor made this a work vehicle in my mind, and I'm sure that contributed to the way I treated it. I always envisioned it laden down with ladders on the roof, like the mid-80's Mercury wagon my dad's house painter used to drive around.

Seeing made in W. Germany made me grin when I took these pictures.