This is a 1:24 model of a show car that Snap-On Tools built some years back, ruining a perfectly good ‘57 Nomad in the process. It’s well outside my usual collecting purview, but as a sucker professional tech I’ve spent approximately a metric ton of money on their tools over the last 20 years, so I get stuff like this sometimes. It doesn’t help that my Snap-On guy is a massive Hot Wheels & model nut himself. To be clear, I do believe they make some of the finest hand tools in the world. But I’ve been on the “$20 a week for life” plan with them since I was 16, their stuff is expensive.

The model is made by Crown Premiums and the body is all metal. The detail is really good, including on all the little wrenches that constitute the trim. Because it’s a show machine, it has a lighting system that operates when the driver’s door is open. The “suspension” works too. The Buick-esque grille and modern wheels don’t do it any favors, in my opinion, but hey, it was built for fun and to showcase a brand. Anyway, enjoy an unusual wagon this Wednesday: