I made a BJ’s wholesale club stop today. It’s like a Costco. Had to clear that up haha! But anyway, I had to buy this beautiful ‘58 Plymouth Fury. It is a Motor Max 1/18. I know a ton of people hate Motor Max. But this one is really nice. For under twenty dollars...you really can’t complain to much. No it’s not the Auto world 1/18 version. But if you expect eighty dollar quality from something that was sixteen dollars.... you’re going to be disappointed every single time.

It has the twin four barrel carbureted 318...and it is rad!

The trunk space is actually red!

It has a pretty decent interior!

Now for the photo dump.

The box art is pretty cool also!

Thank you all for the look. And I’m sorry I haven’t posted more as of late. My areas scalper problem has become even worse. Finding anything is an absolute work. So hopefully I have more luck for this Holliday season, and can crank out some more content!