So after the FJ45 Troop Carrier build I needed a rest. After a day or so I got bored and fired up the custom department again.

(It’s actually halfway through Thursday here but hopefully this sneaks in on a Wednesday for most!)

Next customs on the line are another FJ40 UTE and another RS9000 DragScort. The UTE is a byproduct of making the Troop Carrier. If cut in a certain way the leftovers are perfect for UTE cab making so I had no choice but to build one, again. The crappy paint isn’t staying on the FJ, I just wanted to try the BRG and White on the cast. I’ll srtip it and sort out the body work soon


Some ambient background tunes for those who hate silence. I know I’ve used this song before in my posts and this won’t be the last time either! It just fits plus I like it.


The Chevy Astro Van comes in handy as a start point for the DragScort.

Even more handy was having the first one to copy off! So much faster to build the second time!

I’m out of time so from now on I’ll let the pictures talk.

Thanks for looking.