Full disclosure: I do not, in any way, collect big heavy metal Tonka trucks. I had a bunch as a kid and they were indestructible. My parents got rid of them after I went to College. I didn’t really miss them. However, they were absolutely amazing toys to play with during my youth. I vaguely remember having an ambulance. But, I am not entirely sure which one. Whatever! As soon as I spotted this at a yard sale I knew I had to have it. The nice fellow only wanted $10 for it. Fair enough. This beauty is just the cat’s pajamas. I adore everything about it.

It has a sliding side door, sliding roof hatch, opening rear door, awesome emergency lights, really great scale proportions, and it weighs more than my ‘98 Sentra.

<3 <3 <3

It even has the original Bulletproof Tonka Stretcher. You know what that means?

Angry, battle-weary, Pikachu doesn’t have to ride in that stuffy, cramped, pokeball. He can be transported to the loving hands of Nurse Joy in a badass Tonka Ambulance! and if he doesn’t like that... I’ll gladly ride the badass ambulance to be in the loving hands of Nurse Joy. Rwar! *drool*

Vans are awesome.