As a general rule of thumb... If you want to find great treasures when going to yard sales, you have to get up early and head out at sunrise. My wife and I were feeling super lazy this weekend. We got a late start on Saturday morning. I checked out the local craigslist ads and found one yard sale nearby that had a great selection of toys and two medium sized bins of diecast cars pictured. Target acquired! Set coordinates to Claremont New Hampshire Mr. Sulu!

Welllll, we made a few stops on the way. By the time we got there I could see the two bins of cars near the garage door at the sale. But, there was a couple of people already hovering and negotiating with the seller. DANG! The interested buyer (a lady in her 50's) was offering $15 for one whole bin of cars. She didn’t strike me as a scalper so I had to console myself that she was buying the cars for her grandson or something. That soothed the burn a tad. Thankfully there was a second bin of cars to dig through... at .50 cents each I couldn’t complain too much.

In the second bin I found a pair of rather nice vintage HW redlines. The crowd favorite Oldsmobile 442 (State Police edition) and Chrome custom mustang. After I found these I couldn’t help but wonder what was in the bin that got away! ArrrrrrrgggghhhHH!!!!!11!!!!

I also found this beat up JL Mustang. I thought it was vintage as well. But, the base is dated 1998. It’s pretty nicely playworn. The axles are shot. But I think this will be good junkyard diorama fodder.

Here’s where things get interesting... A playart Isuzu 117! Axles and wheels are trashed. But, I promised that I would never leave a diecast Isuzu behind. This one will get a full resto-mod.

Is it possible to get more interesting than the Isuzu?? Yes. Here we have a Matchbox Vauxhall Astra. Clown Police Car? What the heck? I had to do some research on this and found that it was made when Matchbox had a series called “My first Matchbox” intended for kids exactly 3 years and 1 day old. The Blue wheels are odd. I love the Astra... So this will get a full resto-mod as well. (and some normal wheels)

Sunday, we decided to hit a Flea Market that is about 1 1/2 hours away. We were super lazy because I made my wife watch the NASCAR race on Saturday night (good race). We didn’t get to the market until 11 and some vendors were already packing up for the day. It was mostly a waste of time. Except we found a great little dancing cat music box that’s super cute. But, this isn’t Live and Let Dancing Cat Boxes.

Found this Matchbox Pickup Truck that formerly was a camper. It looks like a Mazda... But I am not sure.

Scored another Darda Racer for Shop Teacher. I’m averaging about 1 per month... So I should have a total of 5 by the time summer is over and I will mail them his way. :) This one also runs really nice!

Sadly, there were not a lot of diecast vendors at the market. One dude had a small tub of hotwheels cars and he only wanted fifty cents each. Picked up the AMC javelin and the Chevy Vega. I’ve wanted both of these in my collection for a while. Super happy.

So, it wasn’t a huge HAWL and I spent more on gas than I did on diecast cars. However, I did score a spectacular Tonka truck that will get a full review on here. I totally do not collect Tonka. But, this one was tooooo hard to pass up! More on that later.

Happy hunting everyone!