Two months and two days I’ve been stinking up this place! TWO MONTHS!! I just had a quick look back to when I started out here and honestly it seems longer. Nobody has yelled at me yet so I think I’m doing ok! This whole posting thing has been a fun ride and really my only proper online community type thing. The experience has been incredible really, and the welcoming bunch of people on here is amazing. YOU ALL ROCK! I have in the last week or so opened an Instagram account because of LaLD! I don’t count myself as a photographer by any stretch but I’ve received a few compliments on my photos here and some photos have been posted over from LaLD, thanks so much for that. So I’d thought I’d check it out, not really sure how it all works yet so I’ll see how it goes. What am I becoming?! I never took photos of these cars before but I love it! Ok enough about that.

Found myself craving some more casts, seems to be a weekly thing now. I have gotten sick of the constant disappointment of visiting my local supermarket and as I’m in a rural area there isn’t any other places close by. This meant an expedition to civilisation to hopefully find new casts. I don’t even now why I want any more as I have more than one unopened card now. Also I spent the equivalent of 10.5 HW earlier this week on a single cast! I’m in deep. Turns out I got lucky with that, normally retail at $49.95 AUD(no way) but I visited the other day and noticed a price sticker that said $34.95! So I thought ‘why not?’ and got it. Went back today to get another and noticed a new price sticker, $49.95 again! I asked the guy if they were still on special and he said they never have been! Turns out the original sticker was missing when I went in and the lady just put in the price of the models next to it, HD F150 and Harley pack! WINNING! This is what I bought if you missed it.

Ok, so this is what I picked up today.

KOOL KOMBI; I just like it, shouldn’t but I do.

‘69 DODGE CHARGER 500; It needs the door tampo removed and better wheels and maybe different paint, what’s that smell? I think I smell a custom....

BATMOBILE; I had to get it, don’t really like the non ‘60s Batmobiles but hadn’t seen it yet.

SCOOBYDOO IMPREZA WRX; EEEEKKKKK! Look past the horrible graphics and there’s a great rally car under that, and gold wheels are needed!

DATSUN 620; Yes, I already have one but now I have a canvas (another mod contender)

Ok, this one is an anomaly. It was in with the newer stock but the card was beat up real bad and it says on the back that it’s a HW SHOWROOM-2013? Initially I put it down in the ‘think about it pile’ but after culling some other casts I had a second look at it and noticed some cool details, now it’s mine. I’m thinking a bit of a custom on it as well because I don’t like some things about it but can see some potential in it, more on it later...

Thanks for putting up with me!!!