Ok this will be a little longer post but I think it is a good story.

Here is the haul the story will be below for those that would like a little chuckle.

I actually hadn’t seen the lifted 442 before and thought I thought it was pretty cool. That little CRX was calling to me one passed me on the way to work earlier that day and I was trying to think the last time I had seen one on the road. I wanted the Blazer to have an extra one on a card. And I don’t think the BMW needs much explanation.

Ok so yesterday was a very long and trying day. Had a pretty challenging day at work that just kept getting better and better. About lunch time got a text from the wife asking if I had a key to the F350. Told her yes and she replied nevermind it is taken care of, if it could have only been that easy. Anyway work went downhill fast and I ended up staying until 18:30 which is way later than I planned on working on a Friday. Anyway I find out the F35o failed to start when the wife stopped at Dollar Tree on her way to work and it was stranded in the parking lot. The oldest boy went out and tried new battery cable ends still nothing all it would do is click when the key was turned. I left out of work and drove straight to Shawnee to try to get it started. Oh did I mention it has been hotter than the pits of hell here in the Southern plains had about 110 degree heat index. I get to the truck and hook my car up to it with jumper cables and still nothing. The wife shows up and I crawl under the truck to bang on the starter still nothing while under the truck I grabbed ahold of the crank pulley and was able to move it so the motor isn’t seized just need a new starter. So digging around in the small tool kit that is in the truck I find a 1/2 inch/13 mm box end wrench and ended up boogering up one of the starter bolts pretty good. Anyway got the other bolt out but still working on the rounded off one there is a Wal-Mart about a 1/4 of the mile away so off we go for a cheap ratchet and socket set even with a proper 13mm socket no dice. So we go back to Wal-Mart and get one of those as seen on TV Gator Grip sockets on the way out saw a dump bin of Hotwheels so of course I got a few. Back at the truck I couldn’t believe my luck the Gator Grip worked so on to O’Reilly’s for a new starter. With my wallet $100 bucks lighter get back to the truck and install the new starter and on the first bump it fired right up. By this time it was getting close to 21:30 and we still have three vehicles in Shawnee about 20 miles from home and only 2 drivers. So the wife gets in the F350 and I follow her home in my Aveo then she gets in with me and we drive back to Shawnee to get the HHR. So we are traveling down I-40 and I notice an Auscor truck in front of us and I tell her I bet that tractor is bright green, she was like how could you know that. Well back to the wonderful day at work part of the reason I stayed late was that there were 4 trucks being loaded that had skids coming over on shuttles from the plant so about the last thing I did was get all of the product on our floor loaded so that the night guys could just drop the last few skids in and get the drivers on their way. The bright green truck was one of those in the door and I remembered the trailer number. Anyway didn’t make it back home until nearly 23:00 after working 10.5 hours laying on the hot pavement for about 2 hours and picking up a few hot wheels. It was almost like a little Roadkill episode without any zip ties.

TLDR it is hot, work sucks, Gator Grips work, and I mention it is hot.