In the order in which they appear in the headline:
What is this HWs cast called, please?
I need to find one, and it helps to know the name...

A couple more of my off brand finds from this past weekend, another Chevette with opening doors, and a Camaro I’ve never seen before. The Camaro says Tiger on the hood. The Chevette has the same stripes as the red ones.

Question: Has anyone seen the HWs Candy Series yet? Specifically, the VW NERDS Bus?

Help, Please. Did anyone pick up an extra Superman VW Bus when they were in the stores? I didn’t care for it, so I left them all behind, but my friend from The Netherlands asked me if I could find him one.
He would also like me to find him the NERDS bus, which is why I asked.

The other thing I need to ask for help with is finding a windshield for this ZEE Morgan. Does anyone have a derelict that still has a salvageable windshield?

I think that just about covers it. Thanks for hanging in there until the end...!