RWB. RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF. ROUGH-World CONCEPT. Makes sense this insane thing is a concept somehow. I absolutely love this trend of over-fenders and pasta-pot depth rims, not that this car is logical on roads in any way but screw it, have a 1/18 RWB993 from GT Spirit!

Dumps like a truck. wut.
Sekund Entwicklung = Second Development

Good ‘Ole 11 13 showed us the sister car to this one, in part 32 of his “The Great Outdoors” series. It’s amazing in purple, and I may or may not have that one as well...

Moving on...

Small-ass tail pipes though...
Air-ride is a must-have

I love this color, it reminds me of all the good things that ever happened, and blue skies, and puppies, and flowers laced with acid and cupcakes and Jello-O and candy. And with black wheels? woof!

I have something similar to this color in my current stable arrangement, with black wheels on the way actually.

If I may show-off for a moment:

His name’s Other Barry. on Instagram @BarryOtherBarry

Thanks for that :)


Little bolts and valve caps.
Blue calipers... maybe?
great logos!

Lets talk about those wheels for a moment. Both wheels and tires on this GT Spirit model are on-point with that manufacturers usual offerings, being they feature great detail on everything but the damned tire sidewall.


I can’t fault it that much considering the now-legendary Idlers logo, looking perfectly spray-painted, sits right about where RWB founder and living-legend-for-porsche-people Akira Nakai would have put it on the 1:1 versions. Love the aggressive pattern on the semi-slick tires as well.

She’s got G I R T H.

I’m pretty sure he was trying to make a 993 generation GT2 Evolution for himself, and just kind of forgot to stop making the thing wider, the result of which is the prototypical RWB shape, available as bodykit with a waiting list and a need for a pretty deep wallet considering this is a late 90's Porsche under everything.

They’re great, but it’s a decision, that’s all I’m saying.

Nah, just bolt that shit up
It’s how race-cars did it!
even over-exposed it’s super-duper-blue!
known as the “Champion Wing” and is a copy of the GT2 Evolution car’s wing.
more GT2 Evo stuff

The RWB ethos build you a widebody Porsche with wheels, you need to provide the underlying Porsche, of course, ready with everything except the flares, bumpers, decklid, and wheels. This sort-of explains the tiny-ass exhausts on this thing; some RWB cars are really ‘all show and no go’ and that’s just fine in my book, with increased blandness in car design these days it’s a great thing to see some crazy come to light. have a look at this 755HP, AWD version monster.


Not all of them, thank the heavens, but some are just the perfect car show material and nothing else. How batshit-wide-and-low is it, you ask?

Don’t worry, I’ve already shot a ton for up-coming stuff with these two. and more!

This particular car, like most of the real-world RWB build that are out there, also has some tasteful interior upgrades in the form of comfy Recaro buckets with matching harnesses, a color-coded roll cage, handy fire extinguisher, and signature RWB deep dish steering wheel with yellow center marker. I love that last detail on this model. Not that I could really get a clean shot or anything...

Yup. It’s for what you think it’s for.
Bucket-seat all the things!

That yellow steering wheel stripe though....

The interior pretty much black-and-basic at it’s best, though that sort of is the best use of a resin-cast, isn’t it? A closed environment that isn’t the most interesting anyway, with 85% of the manufacturing focus going to getting the exterior and paint just-so. Doesn’t that make for your own personal car show material?


Not that I won’t be getting one of the upcoming AutoArts... but that’s my burden to bear.

Tow hook! Super awesome tiny details!
Great mold lines, and paint is right up there with the best, though this is a relatively simple color to do.
I’d have a duck tail, myself.

You okay, JobJoris?