This is the 1948 Tucker in 1:43 by Road Signature, one of many Tuckers I have in various scales from Micro Machine to 1:18. While not perfectly accurate, for a cheap 1:43 this has decent paint and brightwork.

The Tucker story doesn’t need retelling (I’ll save that for one of the better models), but suffice to say it’s one of the most interesting in automotive history. One could draw parallels to Tesla in the way the cars were marketed before they existed, and the disdain drawn from the Big Three automakers. It helps that the Tucker is a fascinating and innovative car and was very fast for its time, good for well past 100mph with its 334cid flat six, derived from a Franklin aircraft engine after the properly insane and bespoke “589" engine didn’t work out.

I long dreamed of owning one of these, or one of Rob Ida’s amazing recreations, but that’s forever out of reach, so I’m happy with a pile of diecasts.