I’ll start with the cards.

The two Carreras on the bottom right were bought at an antique store yesterday. I knew the other Carrera and the Targa were on there way, but couldn’t stop myself from getting them.

The blue ones were bought at the antique store

I’m extremely pumped to get another variation of the 32 Ford, and a first gen Miata.

I’ve been looking for a first gen Miata. I love it.

Now lets get to the reason I ordered this lot in the first place.

Not this guy

Although the motor and wheels will be put to good use... That envelope to the right was what I’ve been impatiently waiting for.

These guys are awesome. Extremely well detailed for the tiny scale.

It’s close to fitting in the bed of Frankenstein’s Raptor.

The details are very nice.

I love those wheels

I’ll be honest with you. I don’t know what the heck these things are.

I just knew I had to have them. lol.

Thanks for checkin out my stuff.