Original look

So I got this Road Champs ‘90 Chevy Step Van for $3. It needed some cleaning up and new wheels and axles. (Before pic shown first)

First up is the after pic. I cleaned the body too. More about the donor car in a moment *grumble*. But i really like the new tires! Very work like and professional looking.

As it is now.

Will have to do some touch up paint in the future, it needs rear lights.

So the donor car was a GL BB ‘14 Ram 1500 Sport. I bought it for $3.99 specifically for the wheels.

No one told me the the wheels pop off the axle. So I drilled into the rivets. Unfortunately, the worst happened.

As you can see below, I drilled right through the metal. The rivets went through the entire body, I still can’t separate the body and base. But I got the wheels off, and thanks what’s important.

Oh, the camper shell? That went to the local police force. It’ll be put to good use, don’t worry, :p.