Happy hump day friends! I went on a bit of a wheel-swap spree recently, check them out!

The Supervan might get a tampo delete and some decals, we shall see. The larger rear wheels would not roll without a ton of body filing and coercion... but this cast eventually saw things my way. Rolls like a champ!

Quick and dirty RX-3 swap.

Treasure Hunt Fangula. The stock red plastic wheels were... well, crap. I’ve actually become quite a fan of the Fangula.

Fugu Z. These wheels were such a natural fit. I have had visions of this swap running through my head for a long time. Finally got it done!

And here’s a bonus WIP Porsche. Not settled on the paint yet. Anybody have any suggestions on how to cut teeny-tiny circles out of masking tape so I can mask the doors and hood for number meatballs?

Thanks for checking out my pics. Happy hunting and customizing!